Will There Be A Poker Face Season 2? Everything We Know So Far

The anticipation continues for more “Poker Face” adventures. Since the premiere of the first season in January 2023 on Peacock, Natasha Lyonne’s portrayal of a human lie detector and detective has kept viewers engaged. However, even though Peacock confirmed a renewal during the initial run, the second season of this crime-comedy may still be a few weeks or months away before it is released.

Paramount Drops Transformers One Poster Ahead Of San Diego Comic Con; See HERE

On Wednesday, prior to the start of San Diego Comic Con on July 25th, Paramount Studios unveiled the initial poster for Transformers One. During the comic con, this upcoming sci-fi action movie will be advertised before it hits theaters on September 20. Directed by Josh Cooley, Chris Hemsworth, Brian Tyree Henry, and Keegan Michael Key star in the film, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 173: Carnage Ensues As Denji Goes Berserk; Release Date, Where To Read And More

As an obsessed fan, I’ve been eagerly following Denji’s journey since his transformation into the infamous Black Chainsaw Man. With a roaring engine and gleaming blades, he charged headfirst against the latest Public Safety threats. However, things took a bizarre turn when the Ear Devil was erased from existence. This unexpected event brought about a startling alteration in human history – we’ve all lost our ears!

Ryan Reynolds Is Starstruck by Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid’s Outfits at Deadpool & Wolverine Premiere

At the premiere of Deadpool and Wolverine, Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid turned heads in vibrant outfits. Red for Blake, who accompanied her husband Ryan Reynolds, and yellow for Gigi, inspired by the Wolverine character. Ryan was equally impressed, expressing his delight on Instagram over a photo of the two ladies beaming at the cameras while holding hands.

Sabrina Carpenter UK Tour: Schedule, Dates, Setlist & More To Know

Sabrina Carpenter is dominating the music scene right now with her recent hits, Espresso and Please Please Please. Her fans are greatly enthusiastic about these songs, and Sabrina herself is eagerly anticipating the release of her upcoming album. To mark this exciting occasion, Sabrina will be touring the UK once again in 2025.