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Lark Davis began creating cryptocurrency content in 2017, starting on the Steam blockchain and then transitioning to YouTube. His Wealth Mastery newsletter combines insider insights and market analysis to offer cryptocurrency investors opportunities to grow their wealth, stay ahead of the curve, and avoid costly mistakes.

Lark focuses mostly on longer-term investments rather than day trading, to ride the market cycle for potential gains. He advises caution when entering the market late in a cycle as the risk-reward decreases significantly.

Lark shares his thoughts on the current investible narratives in crypto such as layer twos, DeFi, and crypto gaming.

Andy and Lark discuss AI technology and how it is impacting content creation. Lark predicts that AI will soon replace some content creators while acknowledging its current limitations regarding voice quality and inflection. However, he anticipates premium demand for human content creators who will offer unique perspectives compared to AI-generated content.

Finally, Lark says Dune is his favorite sci-fi book and expresses admiration for its writing style, battles, mythology, and world-building.

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